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[pct-l] 20 mile days

Well Gosh Jeff,
I have the same dream that you have and just maybe I will get a chance on a
thru hike in 2005.  Now I am a little older than you, right now I am 77
years old and will turn 78 on the trail. My hiking partner will be 71 years
old.  Now if it turns out he cannot go then I am in difficulty as my kids
step in "saying you must not hike alone" So I will have to work that one

I have the same mindset as you, I have to get back in shape.  I had been a
caretaker for a number of years.  So here is what I am doing: my daughter
gave me a gift of a personal trainer for 8 weeks, this is wonderful and will
give me a jumpstart, to making me strong again. If I am not out backpacking,
then I am day hiking, tomorrow I climb up to the top of Baldy, 3000ft
elevation gain, but I will ride the chairlift back down.  Last weekend I was
on a hellish trail to a hill called the Elephant Perch (for rock climbers
only) but the trail was terrible both going up and down, these are all in
the Sawtooth Mountains here in Idaho. Next week I am going up to Washington
State, I hope to hike the Goat Rocks on the PCT (just a 3 day hike)  Then I
hope to go up to Rainy Pass and hike to Manning Park. End of the month I am
going into the Wallowas in Oregon for a week. So I am just going to keep
hiking and skiing (both downhill and skate ski) during the winter. Go to the
gym religiously and get in shape.

I also need to loose 15 lbs and am going to Weight Watchers for this.  I
also dream of 20 mile days but I think of it as 10 in the morning and 10 in
the afternoon.  So all I can do is try and also be in the best shape I can

Marge   [The Old Gal]

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This is for all the 50+ year olds who are thinking of hiking long distances
at 20 mph a day average...

The fellow who had done a lot of planning sounded like he was in the right
frame of mind/body to successfully complete a thruhike.