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[pct-l] Try To Avoid Snickering

unghhh, now there's an ugly vision....hiker in supplex pants gasping to 
the top of New Army Pass....on Viagra

Craig Milo Rogers wrote:

>	Try to avoid snickering when you read this message...
>	Apparently Viagra counters the effects of altitude sickness.
>I kid you not!  I read it on the Internet!
>	This is relevant to PCT hikers, some of whom are forced to
>leave or skip the trail in the Sierra due to altitude sickness.  I,
>myself, am susceptible to altitude sickness -- I can get altitude sick
>just camping at Horseshoe Meadow, much less hiking over New Army Pass.
>I usually use gram doses of Vitamin C, and I've read suggestions the
>ginko helps.  Sounds like a new pharmacological experiment is due...
>	"Helps with altitude sickness.  Never hike alone."
>					Craig "Computer" Rogers
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