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[pct-l] binoculars recommendation

>"...recommendation for a good ultra-lite set of binoculars?"

If you want ultralight, also look at "monoculars"...  can be less than
half the weight of 'binoculars'...

I have used a very inexpensive monocular (Bushnell 10x25, less than
$20, 4.5 oz. with cloth case) mostly for off-trail route finding out
West...  if I ever finally drop it, fall on it, or drown it, I won't
shed a tear over its demise!  Is it 'great'? - No...  there is some
color 'casting' or slight 'halo' effect...  but it lets me see across a
valley or basin to visually scout a route up to the next pass or col -
and that's its primary function (I usually don't take it along unless I
anticipate going off-trail high up in the Sierra or Rockies, and it
probably won't be on my PCT through-hike gear list - unless 'maybe'
Kennedy Mdws. to Tuolumne Mdws.).

Happy trails!