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[pct-l] New PCT food and lodging guide

Hey David!

This is a great website!  Haven't looked through all of it yet, but you 
passed the first test when I checked your listings for Lone Pine and found the Dow 
Villa Hotel listed first and favorably.  I'm sure you're going to receive a 
pile of suggestions from the hiking community.  Good luck with this!

The piece in your introduction, about the social and economic impact of us 
hikers on the local communities, is worth a careful read by all on the PCT list. 
 Most of us think of trail towns and townspeople as a means to satisfy our 
needs and cravings.  We ought to keep in mind how important it is to us, and to 
the trail itself, that those who live along the PCT consider it a plus for 
them, too.

Would you consider putting together an article along these lines for the PCT 
Communicator?  It would make good reading, help explain how the trail is a 
benefit to the communities it passes through, and plug your site!


david@emeraldlake.com writes:

> I wanted to call your attention to http://www.emeraldlake.com/pctguide
> The beta 1 version of our modest site about food and lodging along the PCT
> went live today.