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[pct-l] Water Update Section G

Just returned from a 3 day trek from Walker Pass CG north to Chimney Creek CG. IT IS HOT!

F13  647.2 miles: Walker Pass Campground - water was ON (7/29/04)

G1 659.3 miles; Joshua Tree Spring - pipe is flowing well;  trough is full

G3  66.7 miles: 1st branch of spanish Needle Creek - dry

G3 664.4 miles:  Spring-fed branch of Spanish Needle Creek - dry

G3 665.0 miles: Spring-fed streamlet is running moderately.

G3 665.2 miles; Upper branch of Spanish Needle Creek is flowing weakly. Horesmen have dug out the spring along the trail to make water available.(8/30/04)

G4 676.1 miles; Chimney Creek flowing weakly and disappears underground near trail crossing. Good flow in the campground (8/31/04)

G4 678.1 miles; South-bound horsemen told me they found Fox Mill spring running. I did not get that far.

Wandering Bob