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[pct-l] hiking speed vs. pack weight

a couple more comments about hiking more distance per day:

1.  Just walking more time in the day will do TONS to get more miles 
in.  Wake-up when its still dark, walk till it gets dark, and don't 
stop to take breaks.  Following that formula almost doubled the number 
of miles I was able to get in for one day.  You do not even have to 
walk fast; just show up.

2.  The more I get into ultra-running and trying to combine it with 
traveling in the wilderness, the more I discover.  For me, I have 
realized that there is a point of diminishing returns concerning pack 
weight and distance travelled.  For example, going from 12 mpd to 20 
mpd is fairly easy: Lighten your load and hike more hours and you will 
go farther.  At first, it seems that the more you lighten your load, 
the farther you can go.  But it eventually gets to a point where you 
are expending so much energy that you have to start carrying more food 
and the pack weight increases, which slows you down.  Not sure where 
the line is, but its interesting to ponder.


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