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[pct-l] hiking speed vs packweight

< Doesn't anyone realize that hiking at "high
< speeds" negates the purpose of being out there
< in the first place? I realize that for some
< hiking far and fast is a challenge.
< As for me and many others we're out to smell
< the wildflowers, not leave a cloud of dust.

Hiking fast or slow doesn't make the trip less or more worth the effort.  
It's just different.  And, that new vista from the top of the pass is the same 
reward for everyone who climbs up there, regardless of how long it took to get 
up there.  

> < As far as going faster and faster, I want to slow
> < down and never have my hikes end. When I go too 
> < fast the trip ends sooner. 

Is there anyone out there who doesn't feel this way as we near the end of a 
great hike?  >