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[pct-l] Tyvek

??  Non-mylar space blanket material?  Where do you get such material?  I'm
interested.  I'm aware of only the "Therno-Lite" material in emergency bivy
sacks by Adventure Medical Kits company.  I've used the Thermo-Lite material
as the floor of a tent.  It works fairly well, but isn't cheap.

Ron Moak can sell you Tyvek at reasonable cost.  A piece 52"x80" from him
was something like $8.50 or $10.00 as I recall.  The non-woven Tyvek with
random roving of fibers is not very slick or noisy at all after one trip
through a washing machine (sans soap).  I believe that for backpacking it is
better than the woven type used as house wrap.

Capt. Bivy,  Is your ground cloth that you've used for 20 years the coated
mylar material?
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