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[pct-l] Golite/GVP (was no-subject)

Truth be told, I, too, have concluded that an external frame is the way to go, 
although not one built along conventional lines (so far as I'm aware). I've 
spent the last month becoming reasonably good at laying up carbon fiber to 
create a pack capable of carrying _my_ gear, on _my_ body, the way _I_ want 
(hey, if it's going to be custom, it might as well be _totally_ custom). My 
target weight: one pound. Not quite there yet, but I'm close enough that I'll be 
carrying a prototype on the JMT in September. Could be the first pack ever 
_designed_ to carry a bear can (oops, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that 

And, no, I will not be lashing anything to the frame. Aside from water bottles 
in the side pockets, everything else goes in the bag.


DAVCATDAV@aol.com wrote:
> .....
> It was called an externally framed pack...you could lash the water up on to 
> the top of the frame...even over the top...essentially towards the head of the 
> hiker...thereby transferring most of the weight onto said hikers hips.
> But I don't know...he told me about this toward the end...he was a vile and 
> bitter man at this point and unwilling to explain the physics behind such 
> an...what seems to me...obviously crackbrained idea...
> uh...Jansport Rainier...31/2 pounds as I recall...$90...3800 or so cubic 
> inches
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