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[pct-l] Golite/GVP (was no-subject)

My grandfather, who was an archeologist of some renown (he discovered how the 
Egyptians built the pyramids with help from the aliens of Beta-Zaud...not 
from Alpha-Epsilon like so many of the mainstream archeologists maintain (I 
believe that their derision finally led to the old man's suicide (which cost my 
family its fortune (but that's another story)))) and who also (grandfather that 
is) uncovered how the Gnomes of Zurich managed to falsely discredit Hubbell's 
discovery of the canals of Mars (how do you think the human head was floated 
into place?) once told me of a method of transporting up to eight liters of 
water used by the ancients but absolutely unknown to modern man.

It was called an externally framed pack...you could lash the water up on to 
the top of the frame...even over the top...essentially towards the head of the 
hiker...thereby transferring most of the weight onto said hikers hips.

But I don't know...he told me about this toward the end...he was a vile and 
bitter man at this point and unwilling to explain the physics behind such 
an...what seems to me...obviously crackbrained idea...

uh...Jansport Rainier...31/2 pounds as I recall...$90...3800 or so cubic