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[pct-l] Fire Restrictions in Angeles and SB NF

	In addition to the partial closure of the San Bernardino
National Forest, both the Angeles National Forest and the San
Bernardino National Forest have imposed tighter restrictions on open
flame use.

	In the Angeles NF, campfire-type fires are currently banned.
Stove fire (pressurized gas or jellied petroleum) are allowed with a
California Campfire Permit, and only in specific areas (see the press
release for a list of locations) or as permitted by special use
permits (summer camps, etc.). Solid-fuel stoves (e.g., Esbit),
open-flame alcohol stoves (e.g., "Pepsi(TM)" stoves), and even Coleman
fuel stoves are prohibited everywhere in the Forest at present.  I
just called the Forest Supervisor's office and verified these details.

	  Candles as light or heat sources are prohibited.  Smoking is
prohibited, except inside enclosed vehicles or buildings.


	In San Bernandino NF, the open flame restrictions are tied to
the official Fire Danger Level for the forest, which changes from time
to time.  As I write, the Fire Danger Level is "Very High".  According
to a chart on the Forest's Web site, this means:

1)	No camping outside developed campgrounds or "yellow post" areas.

2)	Only pressurized gas or jellied petroleum stoves are allowed
	(no Esbit, no Pepsi can, no Coleman fuel stoves, no candles,
	as above).

3)	Some hiking trails may be closed -- check with rangers.

	If the Fire Danger Level in the San Bernardino National Forest
goes higher ("Extreme" or "Critical"), then hiking and camping may be
entirely suspended.  I recommend that people check with the rangers
daily before entering and while inside the Forest, because I foresee
the possibility that by tying the fire restrictions to the Fire Danger
Level, the Forest might be closed to hiking, camping, and open flame
use *without* an additional press release posted on the San Bernardino
NF Web site, just a change in the Fire Danger Level.


					Craig "Computer" Rogers