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[pct-l] Cans ,oilcan,bear can,

Just in case Mike is not listening or reading his "oil can" is his trail
name and comes from the Fosters beer can that he consumes his first night
out on the trail when he hikes.   Ground Pounder Bill
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Mike , 1st,what in the world is a can ?oilcan ?bear can,? I am assuming that
it is somekind of contraption to hide food in, and peace Dude,let me clue
you in on a couple of things,Do you really think that carrying a gun is the
answere, own 5 of them,when in Rome,you do what the Romans do,this country
your in is where the bears live,what would you think your house would look
like if you brought a wild bear and keep him in your house,,,,pissed off
,,,, is the key word,I myself would be really worried if there was a bunch
of nuts hikeing carrieing smith&wessons,Colts,Remingtons,Man ! your in there
elament,they live there,that is what they do,you are invadeing there
terretory,respectfully you must obey the rules just like the rest of us,if
you cant stand the heat,,,get the hell out of the kitchen,,,you dont hose
the intire place and ruin it for the rest of your family,that is why a
couple of people got themselfs killed on a mountain Lions path,dont kill all
the lions,go jog in a park,and when you must go to there domains,take a
friend or two or three,going back to the cans,NOW what do you think,,,?
Howard L Ruiz
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