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[pct-l] Gimme Shelter!!!

Actually, GFR recorded "Gimme Shelter" in `71.....
Different from the Stone's `70 tune.

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>You need noseplugs if you want to take cover in the muir hut. 

The Muir Hut was over-run with mice when I was there in 2001, and even
though I could feel them skittering over my sleeping bag all night, I
was way too tired to muster the energy to move outside. But I did learn
to be wary of anything that attracts hikers because those things
invariably tended to attract critters -- huts, campgrounds, nice river
bends with flat spots to sleep on, etc ... 

>No , not the Grand Funk Railroad song

Not to split hairs, but "Gimme Shelter" is a Rolling Stones song.

Rock on,

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