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Fwd: [pct-l] Map mistake

>Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 17:53:35 -0700
>To: Ben Schifrin <benschif@sonnet.com>
>From: Paul Freiman/Vicki Cavataio <pfreiman@popmail.ucsd.edu>
>Subject: [pct-l] Map mistake
>What a beautiful alternate trip you suggested.....but you have a map mistake.
>I had embarked from Agnew Meadows to go south to South Lake, by 
>Bishop's Pass.  On the second day I realized that my back was too 
>injured to make it, so I looked for alternatives.  On page 326 you 
>list a Cascade Valley-Fish Creek-Rainbow Falls alternative.  Being 
>at Purple Lake at the time, I dropped down 1500 feet to Cascade 
>Valley, then turned right to Fish Creek.  It was down down down 
>until a little ways after Second Crossing (map H17).  Then after 
>only a 200 foot climb I had another down down down.  Absolutely fab, 
>a 3400 foot drop, and only a 200 foot rise.  The next 7 miles, into 
>Red's Meadow wasn't too bad, and it was very lovely.
>Anyway, here's the boo boos. In the middle of map H17 it says "Fish 
>Creek Hot Springs."  The hot springs are on the north side of the 
>bridge crossing, at First Crossing, which is off the page, "d 
>Crossing" (to the left hand side of the page).
>Capt Bivy