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[pct-l] Re: Bear Cans (the diameter)

i have heard that the reason cans are so large in general is two-fold:

1.  so bears cannot carry them off with their mouths, and 

2.  so the bears cannot carry them with one paw while running.


> Sorry I really haven't been following this thread because to me it's
> much like setting a speed limit: either you obey or you don't obey,
> your call.
> Nevertheless, since they're now close to being mandated at all major
> trail heads in the Sierra National Parks (and soon to be so for Sierra
> National Forests I'm told), I decided to dig out the Bearikade I
> purchased four years ago; which I've never used, and decided to start
> carrying it this year.  My climbing partner continues to carry his
> Ursack to defy the regulation (he's a registered Libertarian).
> So, when I found that my Bearikade was recalled I sent it back to Wild
> Ideas and they actually replaced it (for $25...but it was recalled!),
> I asked Allen why the diameter of the can had to be so wide. Just an
> inch less would allow me to easily slip the can into my pack; an inch
> and half less would be ideal! Allen told me that his "...tooling for
> table rolling of the cylinders has a fixed diameter. This diameter was
> chosen to defeat Grizzly Bears which have a very wide jaw extent. The
> Bearikade is used in both Grizzly and Black Bear territories."
> Therefore the beef I have with the canister is: why do I have to
> purchase a can that's Grizzly Bear proof? Why can't I just purchase a
> can that's Black Bear proof? Secondly, why does the can even have to
> pass the Grizzly or Polar Bear test at all? Are they planning to
> reintroduce the Grizzly back into the Sierra? That would certainly
> take care of the black bear population. No, this is just another big
> hammer (or big bear) approach. Not an exemplary example of good
> science.
> No bite, just a bark.
> Dave
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