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[pct-l] Plea for Techno help

find someone (anyone) with a computer with a usb (and preferablly
linux--sees the pp in the kernel) and internet connection and contact a shop
(any shop) that can work on the palm pilot software over the internet.
chances are there is someone living by the trail with either a phone line
internet connection or satellite connection.

good luck

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Subject: [pct-l] Plea for Techno help

> Hi,
> Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but
> I'm wondering  if by chance there's anyone on the list in the
Ashland/Oregon area who could help me out with a problem I have with my palm
> I have several documents I need for the trail which I can't get at because
the 'Desktop Togo' software has become corrupted .  I need to reload this
software (it's just the standard edition which came with the palm) from a
computer with the palm conduit installed, I have a USB sync cable with me.
I can't believe this has happened as I backed it up and restored it from a
card several times without a problem before I left home!
> I'd be very grateful if someone could help, or even knows of a computer
repair shop near the trail which specializes in Palm Pilots.  I leave Seiad
Valley tomorrow (23rd) hope to get to Ashland by Sunday (25th).  Please
respond offlist, as I am currently not receiving list mail.
> Many thanks
> Rik
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> Thank you so much!
> Y'all have a nice day!
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