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[pct-l] Scary bear story & not hanging food

Why debate? END all the problems in one fell swoop.

NUKE the entire length and breadth of the Sierras with neutron bombs. No
property damage or wildfires. Just utter and complete annihilation of all
living things - goodbye bears (no more need for bear cans); goodbye
weekenders (no more idiots to hand-feed Yogi); goodbye through-hikers (so
much for that 1% and those who endlessly debate issues like bear cans and
govt policy), goodbye National Park and Forest Service personnel (say
goodbye to foolish policy decisions and enforcement actions), goodbye
commercial packers and horsepersons (removes one source of environmental and
trail tread pollution), and goodbye cougars (trail runners need be wary only
of other humans).

Did I miss anyone? Oh yes - the illegal aliens; WHY would they be in the
Sierras in the first place? There are no jobs there. Of course, they might
have just stepped out of their UFO, but - hey - that's a whole different

Thought - given their evolutionary history, I suspect the mosquitoes will be
relatively unaffected by all this. Their numbers willl decrease with the
decreased food supply but only until the next group of humans ventures once
more into the pristine wilderness.

Wandering Bob