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[pct-l] Scary bear story & not hanging food

mr courtway comments:

>And to clarify, it's not simply because of the fact they're thru hikers.
>Early season, and in small numbers food protection rules can be bent and not
>have a terrible impact.  Whether one exercises strict adherence to "rules"
>and "laws" is solely up to the individual.

Yes, I suppose adherence to "rules" is solely up to the individual, however, rules are in place to protect the masses.  And, regardless of how early or small in number you might believe you are, you are contributing to the problem, and this does impact me.

I would not be so bold to think that I could change anyone's opinion on this board given the creativity that some have shown to find excuses and justification for not observing the foot protection rules.

Hmm, I guess we could use the early season and small in numbers reasoning for justifying those in the backpacking community that fail to follow the no open fires rule in areas of high fire danger.  Remember strict adherence is solely up to the individual...