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[pct-l] Scary bear story & not hanging food

This is the exact thing that Tom used to say would lead to increased bear 
incidents of crashing tents and attacking sleeping hikers in the night.  As much 
as I have fought and resisted bear canisters I now have to admit that they 
are, for the time being, the best solution to the problem.  WE caused the 
problem, WE should have to shoulder (pun intended) the responsibility for solving it. 
 I have got away with stealth camping for years, you probably have too.  
However, every single time that such an incident as this occurs it teaches the 
bears that hikers may sleep with their food.  So sniffing around sleeping hikers 
means easy food.  If a tent gets in the way the bear will just rip through it.

Better carry a sling shot and know how to use it at short distances if you 
plan to stealth camp.  

Irresponsible food management leads to the endangerment of others.  Please 
care for those who come behind you on the trail and take care of your food.


Greg "Strider" Hummel