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[pct-l] Fuller Ridge Remote Campsite

On 04.07.19, Dana Law wrote:
> My party is going from Fobes Saddle to Highway 10 on Sunday. We plan for
> three days.  If the section isn't closed I wanted to know if there is any
> camping spots available on the way down after the Fuller Ridge Remote
> Campsite. We want want to make the last leg as short as possible and
> need to know if there is an area big enough for three tents. 

	Based on the posted fire perimeter maps and accounts from
nearby residents, it seems very likely that portions of the Fuller
Ridge trail were burnt last week.  I would be quite suprised if that
section of the PCT open.  Have you called the San Bernardino National
Forest?  Here is some relevant contact info from their Web site:

San Bernardino NF Supervisors Office
1824 S. Commercenter Circle
San Bernardino, CA   92408
(909) 382-2600 (voice)
(909) 383-5615 (TTY)

San Jacinto Ranger District
54270 Pinecrest
Idyllwild, CA   92549
(909) 382-2921 (voice)
(909) 659-5748 (TTY)

	If you call the Forest Service (and I hope you do), please
email the group with their response, yea or nay.

	Hmmm... why doesn't the San Bernardino NF Web site have news
releases about the recent/current fires?  I think I'll ask... OK,
I left a (polite, I hope) voice mail message for:

Forest Supervisors Office
1824 S Commercenter Cir
San Bernardino, CA  92408
Phone  (909) 382-2711
Fax    (909) 383-5640

					Craig "Computer" Rogers