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[pct-l] re: Trail Conditions in Section P


Several weeks back a report on trail conditions in Section P was posted.  I shared this information with friends currently hiking the PCT.  Today, I recieved an update from Team Greasepot and thought I would share this information as it might be of benefit to others as there are many that have not yet reached Section P.

>From Team Greaspot:

We're writing this 14 miles into Section P.  We've just passed three water sources that the PCT-L info said were not to be relied on.  
We found the water sources to be very good.  Could you please send this info to the PCTL.

Popcorn Spring is running at about 5-10 liters per minute. Bustarse Creek has usable water, maybe 2-3 l/min.  And the creek near where we are camped, mile 1514.4, is flowing well at 4-5 l/min.  

The snowfield, is now very small, and not a concern.