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[pct-l] filters ? who needs 'em !!!

At 09:28 AM 7/16/04, Mike Saenz wrote:
>There's still a possibility of being infected by non-treated/filtered
>water. Being "loose" on the trail could make a long hike seem a lot
>longer and would certainly make any hike less enjoyable. I'd rather pack
>a filter as an additional safeguard to keep my trips fun.

There is a possibility of getting hit by a car on a road crossing. Should I 
pack an orange reflective vest so I reduce the risk?

Add to the hype that only about 10% of the people who are exposed to 
Giardia get severe symptoms, and over half never get any at all (reference 
a CDC study of a U.S. city with an infected water supply,) I'll take my 
chances, at least while drinking mountain water.

Since livestock doesn't transmit Giardia, most of the skanky 
cow-dung-desert water doesn't pose a Giardia risk, but rather poses a 
coliform bacteria risk. Most Giardia filters don't have good enough filters 
to remove bacteria, so your filter is just "making you feel good."