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[pct-l] filters ? who needs 'em !!!

where's CmountainDave ?

Y'all shoulda seen the eyes brighten up upon the mention of pumpless
liberationwhen I was chatting with a couple thrus from portland at the inlet
of evolution lake.  Are you guys filtering? I asked... naaaaah.  "Ours broke
down in the desert" one said with a shrug and we all had a laugh.


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> Good evening, Dude,
> Much of the wild-water you find in the Sierras and Cascades is probably as
> pure as it looks, and for a trip of a week or so the risk may be
> However, considering the investment of time and treasure associated with a
> PCT thru-hike, I do not believe the benefit of drinking wild-water
> approaches the risk.
> Steel-Eye