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[pct-l] PCT advice

> First, I'm about to order my sleeping bag from Feathered Friends, and I was
> wondering if it would be better to get the Quantum Pertex fabric, which is
> the lightest they have, or the Epic, which is heavier but much more
> waterproof and durable.

Personally, I would go with Pertex.  You bag can get wet from the
outside (typically rain or dew) and  from the inside (sweat).  IIMHO
the added water resistance of EPIC wouldn't make a difference in how
dry a bag will stay from exterior mosteror.  When it comes to moister
from the inside, Pertex is more breathable.  Pertex will also let your
bag dry faster if it gets wet, and is lighter.  I would go with

> Second, is the Katadyn Mini Filter an OK choice for a filter?

It takes a lot of pumping to get your water.  It will work.  I would
recommend Aqua Mira for most of the trail.  Lighter, easy to use,
unlike many chemical treatments doesn't taste bad.  The one place I
might think about a filter is sections A & B where water is rare, you
need extra water because it's hot, so you might want to "tank up"
whenever you hit water.

> Third, I would love to have some dog advice

There are a number of people who have tried to do PCT with their dogs.
 From what I can tell, most have sent there dogs home... but you might
be the exception.  You will have to overcome some logistical
challenges since a number of the national parks don't permit dogs
passing through.  You will most likely want to start early because dog
aren't happy on sections A & B when it gets really hot since they can
only cool themselves by panting.

You might want to read journal entries of people who have taken their
dogs.  I believe there are at least two people who who started hiking
PCT in March with dogs.  One guys is from Chicago (and I am not
finding his journal).  There is also J. Bradley Materick and his dog
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