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[pct-l] San Jac fire

Does anyone know if Pete Fish and his trail gorillas got out of there all
right?  They are working on a section of trail on Fuller Ridge.  Eric Yakel

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The fire on the north side of Mt San Jacinto runs from
appox. the area of the drinking fountain at the bottom up to
the near the north end of Fuller Ridge.  I can see
the area from my backyard.  At the present (7/13/04 @
10 am) there are 2 thin lines of smoke going straight up.
NO WIND!  However, this can change quickly here in the
San Gorgonio Pass area - that is why the wind mills are
here.  Compared to this time yesterday the fire seems to
have laid down.  But there are still helicopters working.

Irwin Reeves (Crash)
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