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[pct-l] Bear Boxes Giant Forest

Hi Joanne,

> boxes at dusk and found them full, and too tired to go on.  What do you do
> when you know there will be a bear there in the night (certain locations and
> this will be almost inevitable).  Please do not abuse this privilege!!!

Well, multiple trails start at Giant Forest. From what I've gathered there
should be some bear boxes around to cache food at the trail head. But I
would like to get some confirmation about it. Unfortunately you do not 
provide any information on my questions.

I've searched and Lodgepole has a post office. But it is only open during 
weekdays and depending for which starting day I'll get the permit that may 
not help me. 

Oh, I also don't intend to hang food at all. Ever. I have a Garcia and
just ordered a BearVault BV200. I'm a little nervous about the failures
mentioned in the past days. Maybe I'll return it for a Garcia, but I liked
the weight savings and (supposedly) larger size.