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[pct-l] Starting Belden -- Cascade Locks next week

Hi All,

I hiked the PCT in 2000 with the exception of the Belden to Cascade Locks segment.  I'm leaving next Monday or Tuesday to hike the part I missed.  I ordered Yogi's handbook, but I am not optimistic about receiving it in time.  I know she is on the CDT now and I am not sure who is handling the mailing of her book.

I have the Northern CA and Oregon+WA guidebooks waiting for me in CA when I fly out this week.  I also have the data book and town guide there.  

I have already picked up on some useful new information from this list, but if there is anything else I should know about this section that is different than 2000, please send the info my way!  Sorry for the utter vagueness of that question.  Trail angel, re-route, water stash, new resupply info (changed since 2000) would all be helpful.  
Chris, aka Hiker816