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[pct-l] plantar fasciitis experiences

In my opinion, stretching is the single most important
treatment for this.  I too injured my plantar fascia
just prior to my thru hike.  Even after ten days or so
of rest, it was still stiff as I wandered around the
2002 ADZOCTKO.  A physical therapist (also thru hiker)
Sue Rowe, noted my trouble and showed me the proper
way to stretch it - trail magic!  I had no trouble on
the entire thru hike.

Sit on the ground with leg(s) outstretched in front of
you.  Wrap a towel (or jacket or whatever) around the
ball of the foot and pull back gently for 30 seconds. 
Do each foot in turn, two or three times per day.


Stretch when your body is already warmed up.

Stretch gently.

Stretching is for long term benefit, not immediate. 
Keep doing it.

All the best.  Lary H

--- Patrick McJunkin <patrickmcjunkin@yahoo.com>
> Hello all,
> In stepping up conditioning for an upcoming Ashland
> - Mt. Hood PCT hike, I've managed to moderately
> aggravate my plantar fasciitis from two years ago. 
> A couple of days of rest, stretching, and ice have
> helped, but of course I'm thinking ahead for the
> possibility it may get really aggravated on the
> trail.  
> Anyone have any experiences to share regarding
> toughing out a long trip w/this condition, methods
> used, etc?  I obviously don't want to give up on
> months of planning, dehydrating, training, dreaming,
> and so forth over this.
> Thanks in advance,
> Patrick
> Gresham, OR
> By the way, thanks to all who responded with stove
> gas mailing tips - I sent off my canisters parcel
> post yesterday, fingers crossed.
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