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[pct-l] Scout Merit Badge Hikes

Sorry, I should have answered your question.

I would start at Timberline Lodge, and go the 18 miles to little crater
Lake, and then it is about 2 more miles to the Gone Creek Campground on
Timothy Lake.  This is a fairly level stretch, well marked with no major
intersections, can be acessed somewhat easily, has some spectacular event on
either end(be sure that the Scouts see Little Crater Lake).  You can exit
and hydrate the little fellows at Barlow Pass(5 miles) Whapinita( 10 miles),
there is another road crossing at 14-15 miles but not as easy to get to.
Camp at the lake , and have your driver there with lots of goodies and

YOu could also do an out and back from timberline lodge to Whapinita Pass on
Highway 26.  that way you could check on them evry 5 miles.  the lodge and
Mt Hood have an energy of their own and it a spectacular ending and start.
The lodge is well worth seeing, and there is a small museum, and I can
imagine the youngsters googling at the ski die-hards. Even being in the
parking lot there is a trip.  Start early, let them pace themselves out.

It is also about 20 miles from Whapinita Pass to Ramona Falls( add two miles
to the trailhead), but the last 10 miles is fairly demanding and may be
rough with significant river crossings.  If you do this be sure to find out
if the trail has been cleared out for the season, still don't think this is
a beganners trail and there are very few options if something happens.

It is best to access this area from the North and Barlow Pass.  The roads
going in from Detroit and Brietenbush are passable but confusing; there will
be some rough dirt road for a litlle while.  If you go this way, call the
forest service to get a campground reservationa and a good map, because the
intersections are confusion and not always marked.  The last I knew the road
into the south side of Ollallie lake is not Passable to most vehicles,
including 4WD.(have bug repellant at the lake).