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[pct-l] VVR?

I agree completely.  VVR has always been super-firendly and very 
customer-oriented.  Prices are a little high, but no higher than I 
would expect for the delivery costs.

Just try to contact the Muir Trail Ranch and compare their attitude.  
VVR charges a modest $10 to receive resupply packages, contrast that to 
the Muir Trail Ranch's $45 per package and you'll get the idea of the 
difference between the two.  Also, VVR offers a FREE 1st night's sleep 
in the hiker's tent cabin, which is pretty damn nice.  I also agree 
that the food is far better than one should expect in the middle of 

All in all, I'd say that there has been no facility that is more hiker-
friendly in all the Sierra Nevada and all of this talk about VVR being 
too costly or trying to take advantage of hikers is a slap in the face 
to VVR's efforts to help hikers while making enough profit so that they 
can stay open next year.  I suspect those who have made such comments, 
have no idea about the huge costs of running such a place and providing 
such services in the middle of nowhere.


> VVR has always been a stop to look forward to, far as I'm concerned. 
> They're a fishing camp with a short season and long expenses.  The
> food is better than we should expect at a trailhead resort.  They run
> a tab on customers, which you pay when you leave.  Maybe a lot of
> people aren't used to that, and are shocked at the total if they
> haven't been keeping score as they went along. That's not VVR's fault.
> Anyone who feels their prices are out of line should try mailing their
> resupply boxes to Reds Meadow or Muir Trail Ranch.  The people at VVR
> act like they're glad to see you!
> _____
>> Anyone else have good or bad experiences recently at VVR? One is
>> curious.
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