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[pct-l] VVR

I love that road..and if an idiot like me can drive
WHILE shooting video footage it can't be all that
gnarly.  It is, by the way, chockful of beautiful


--- Lonetrail@aol.com wrote:
> Several years ago the previous owner had a tape
> recording saying you should 
> remove your fenders before going up the road.
> lonetrail
> n a message dated 7/3/2004 10:55:46 AM Pacific
> Standard Time, 
> ROYROBIN@aol.com writes:
> Such hand-wringing about that (*&^%$ road!  I've
> been in and out of there 
> three or four times in the past six years, last time
> in July '03, and found 
> it 
> fairly easy, except for it's being unpaved
> (horrors!)  
> The resort charges for parking in their lot, but I
> don't recall there being 
> any charge or hassle with parking at the trailhead
> just north of VVR.
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