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[pct-l] RE: Washing Silk Bag Liners

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Dump the Woolite!!!!!!!!

It ruins wool, eats it(makes the fibers brittle and they break).  I have
been spinning wool and all the weavers and spinners I know wouldn't wash a
dog with that stuff.  They all use Dawn dishwashing liquid.


--Thanks Joanne, I have some Dawn at home, I'll have to try that, although I
haven't noticed any deterioration of the silk bag liner using Woolite.  

The only wool products I wash on a regular basis are my Marino wool hiking
socks and I put them in with my regular laundry.  Maybe I should wash them
in the dish sink with Dawn--my non hiking wife is going to love that.  She's
already irritated with me for buying all that "hiking stuff."  The only
thing that saves me is that she spends more on her 22 yr old cat than I
spend on "hiking stuff."  

John Coyle