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[pct-l] Watch

I purchased a Timex Helix through Campmor for $57.95 or something close to
that.  They had a special.  The altimeter function is subject to change with
more than up and down.  The barmetric pressure has as much affect on the
altitude displayed on your watch.  I believe the owners manual suggests that
any time you know what altitude you are at to adjust your altimrter setting
on the watch for the most accurate reading.  A change in elevaton,
temperature, and pressure altitued will affect the altitude reading on your
watch.  If you want to know your pressure altitude, set the atlimeter to
your known altitude, then set the barometric pressure to 29.92 inHg (at sea
level, standard pressure/temperature) then read your pressure altitude.
They are accurate to a point, but very sensitive and used only as a tool
within reason.  Kind of like the disclamer they have on GPS's  The
information is presented for reference only and the user accepts all
responsibility for how the information is utilized.  Or something to that