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[pct-l] Food Packages -- Priority Mail vs. First Class

Once when we mailed a bounce box forward on the AT, we shipped it priority
instead of parcel post. We had a fuel canister in the box, but wanted it up
the trail a couple days. Since priority implies air shipment we felt we had
to ship parcel post. The postmaster assured us the box would travel the 60
miles by truck.  He told us the priority mails is the first mail loaded on
the trucks. When all the priority is loaded, then the first class mail gets
loaded. Then if there is still room, the parcel post gets loaded. For an
extra $.15 we shipped priority.

Sly, I believe your mailing costs out of Cascade Locks, but it really got my
attention. Our experience has been the difference between priority and
parcel post was almost always under a dollar. I'll have to remember to check
the difference every time I mail a box.


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> > We use USPS for nearly all our re-supply boxes. We've had one mistake,
> > that was our mistake at the mailing end. The box didn't get mailed.
> > had significant damage to any of our boxes.
> >
> > Using Priority Mail for boxes has another advantage when shipping ahead.
> > get free Prioiry Mail boxes
> >
> >
> Ken, as I mentioned previously, in your case that's that's the key,
> ahead and mailing cross country, Priority Mail wins hands down.
> I'd like to know if anyone using a buy as you go strategy from the trail
> itself, actually tried Parcel Post and had problems that they can
attribute to
> that service?
> I know I haven't had any, so it wouldn't really make sense to change
> strategies now.   Also the grocery stores where I did the bulk of my
resupplying in
> Cascade Locks and Ashland had free boxes as most all stores do.
> One tip that, may or not have been mentioned, is to write your last name
> large letters on the sides of the box so it's well visable.  Some of the
> do this, some don't.  Also make sure to include your approximate arrival
> and that your a PCT hiker.
> Sly
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