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[pct-l] Milage Question

I'm perplexed!

While researching my next visit to The Trail this weekend (my first 100 miles!!!!), looking for the water caches on AsABat's web site, I've found something that could be potentially troublesome:
My Topo software calculates the distance from Scissors Crossing to the north crossing of Warner Springs at 25.7 miles.

On AsABat's water site, Scissors is indicated at mile 77.7 and the north crossing at Warner Springs at mile 112.4....
If my math skills serve me well, that's 34.7 miles....

An additional 9 miles could mean the difference of a triumphant stroll into town and a head-to-the-trail, grunt death-march....
Not to mention that I'm trying to locate the water caches by mileage...

Anyone care to shed some light on this?

Also, trying to plan my campsite in the San Felipes. Does anyone recall any particularly pleasant spots, say...5 miles or so north of Scissors? Are there any trees in this area? Any nice, flat, sandy spots? With a view? Near a bar? (ha! While I'm at it, with a jacuzzi tub too???!!!!) no, I'm not picky about my campsites.... ;)

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