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[pct-l] shirt fabrics

A little confusion from one.

What I was thinking DID create a space for air circulation.

The woven fiber is kind like a big airy brillo pad.

It's used to drain water away from underground structures.

It's strong enough to keep from compressing (pack against back), and it is "open" enough to allow air to circulate through it.

(it's designed to allow water to flow through it between dirt and concrete walls)

I figure if there was a waterproof/breathable fabric between my skin and the mat, something like Goretex, then perspiration would pass through and then evaporate within the mat. Then a waterproof barrier will keep the moisture from being absorbed by the pack padding...

Yeah, Greg. The mesh that was on the old packs were great. But the internal frames don't have the structure to hold a mesh off the pack.

I L O V E my internal frame pack. WAY more than my old external. ( I won't start a pack brand discussion by telling you what I have...)

I wonder if I could R&D something like this and patent the idea...