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[pct-l] PCT Map Programs Redux

I have the National Geographic maps, (powered by TOPO!), for Oregon as well
as a book entitled GPS Waypoints:  Oregon.  Last summer I climbed middle
sister & entered the summit from both into my GPS.  The books coordinates
were spot on.  The National Geographic maps, (powered by TOPO!), had me
about 200 horizontal feet and 800 vertical feet off!

I used the National Geographic maps, (powered by TOPO!), for a 4 day hike in
the diamond peak area and was happy with them.  I guess I'm just saying I
wouldn't use it to find a spring or other small object, but for lakes and
trail junctions it was fine.


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  :I have used both TOPO! and Mapquest, and prefer the former significantly.
  :This is mostly to the stupid design on the route tracing/mileage/profile
  :maker thingy on the Mapquest. TOPO!'s is much less of a pain in the ass
  :use. Mapquest is also more prone to wildly inaccurate elevation readings.
  :For example, I'll be pointing at a definite elevation listed on the map-
  :summit, lake, etc.- and the program will state and elevation which is
  :accurate, and often up to 200' off.