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[pct-l] International coffees

In a message dated 1/16/04 4:36:45 AM, Luvtobkpk@cs.com writes:

<<  and a healthy dose of 
carnation instant coffee. >>

Instant coffee? I know coffee lovers who cringe at the thought. They wouldn't 
be caught dead on the trail without an espresso machine. They are like the 
microbrew lovers who derisively spit out MGD beer when they accidentally drink 
some. ( no kidding - I once was given a pitcher of MGD by mistake. My snobbish 
friends could instantly tell and refused to drink it. They made the bartender 
replace it with a microbrew)

   I agree that coffee is basically harmless -- maybe even good for you -- 
but it is addictive. I became immune to its stimulant effect and finally said to 
myself what's the point? I do like the taste of coffee -- black or with cream 
and sugar -- and have decaf all the time. Now when I drink caffeinated coffee 
I get all hyper and jittery -- even anxious. But if it works to get you going 
and psyches you up, have at it!

 I like your early start plan. But instead of a second fix at 2 PM, why not 
take an instant coffee bag and use it like a tobacco plug under your tongue. 
That way you get a steady fix all day. Just kidding!!   David C