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[pct-l] Whitney Question

Been up 6-7 times from both directions (take a lot of dates
up that way!)  and I have same thoughts/concurance; hav fun!


At 11:23 PM 1/15/04 -0800, Brian Bowlsby wrote:
>>I'm assuming they'll be exhausted after that 9 mile, 5500 climb and will
>need to camp before summiting Whitney the next day.
>Yes, they will be exhausted if they came directly from the TH at Whitney
>portal! A better option might be for them to camp at trail camp where
>everyone else camps on the east side. Then, they could meet you at trail
>crest the next day and you could all camp on the summit together. Most
>nights you'd have the summit completely to yourselves!  I did it this summer
>at the end of my JMT hike and met friends on the summit to camp.  There is
>no water on the summit though, so bring plenty if you decide to do that.
>>is camping allowed (or possible) at or near Trail Crest junction? If so,
>where would you suggest?
>I don't remember seeing anywhere to camp at or near trail crest? And if you
>did, you'd have people walking through your camp before sunrise!
>>I'm told the last reliable water is the two tarns at 11,600 feet between
>Guitar Lake and Trail Crest...
>That's correct. If you fill up with 2-3 liters at guitar lake you will have
>plenty of water to summit and get down the east side. If you camp on the
>summit, take more.
>>Are there any other water sources at or closer to Trail Crest?
>Just snow early in the season.
>Brian Bowlsby
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