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[pct-l] bears . . . I'm not biting this time

In a message dated 12/31/2003 3:22:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kdpo@pacbell.net writes:

> I have heard many places that bears do not like the smell of humans.
> Therefore, I work on smelling bad to keep bears away. It seems to work - we
> didn't even see any grizzlies on our CDT hike

Yeah, that must have been the stink that kept them out of my tent after I ate 
my meal.

I saw 5 Griz on the CDT.  A sow and two cubs south of  Togwotee  Pass which 
were fairly close, but split when they saw us after the mother gave a call to 
the younguns and two in Glacier from a safe distance although we were hiking 
towards one leaving 50 Mountain campground before it split.  Plus three black 
bear, two in Glacier, a sow and a cub up real close, like 15-20 feet off the 
side of the trail, they just stood there dumbfounded and one the ID/MT line just 
before Big Hole Pass that ran across the trail/road in front of me.

I love seeing bear on the trail, although hiking through griz country can get 
your heart pumping, especially when you're well behind your partners limping 
along with a foot injury. I always give a holler and talk to the bears when I 
see them and did a dance pumping my poles in the air for the 1st three Griz 
saw.  That was awesome!