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[pct-l] Hi Ho Ho Ho

Hi Ho Ho

Here in southern CA along the coast about 60 miles from the mountains. I 
awoke this morning after a heavy drizzle all night to the smell off burned wood. 
The rain reactivated the charcoal odor of the burned trees 60 to 80 miles away. 
from the forest fires of several months ago. 

There has been reports of mud slides the aftermath of fires in Lytle Creek 
area and others. Waterman's Canyon has a church camp washed out with a group 
trapped. They had made several rescues but had to stop for the night.

If it clears up by Saturday I am planning to do Mt Baden Powell a little over 
9,000 ft and perhaps 3 feet of snow. I also may go from Big Bear to Cabazon 
in January. It's away's a thrill for winter backpacking. You go from Mountains, 
to High Desert to Low Desert. Well Merry Chrisrmas and a Happy New Years to 
you all.