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[pct-l] Good Ice Axe

In a message dated 12/20/03 10:15:07 AM, ilja@cs.caltech.edu writes:

<< By checking your elevation against the trail 
on a map it is easy to figure out where you are. You even start counting 
distances in elevation: It is not "still 3 miles to go", but "2500 more 
feet gain to go". >>

That's the best thing about an altimeter. It gives you an idea on just how 
much further you have to go before topping out on that 5000' climb. But then its 
kind of a bummer thinking you have climbed 3000' only to look at your 
altimeter to see it's actually only 1500'. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I have a 
combo watch/altimeter, so no extra weight is involved. 
   I like my LONG titanium ax that I won at an auction. It weighs only 15 oz 
and can be used as a walking stick when going trail-less cross country up a 
steep hill. Of course, it is totally useless in Florida with no hills or snow