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[pct-l] And for that matter... (Best Meal on Trail)

What's the best mean you've had on the PCT?

How about while in one of the resupply towns along the way?

I've only finished Campo to Warner Springs, but for me:

1) Coming out of the Lagunas, before the flat walk across the valley to the
San Felipe Hills, I camped at (actually on top of) a large cement water
cistern just off the trail. I made spicy red beans and rice with a foil pack
of Sue Bee chunk ham, and my own seasonings. Easily the best meal I had
while on the trail. Nice and warm, and spicy, and filling, and just
generally tasty.

2) A cheeseburge in Lake Morena, followed by a nice menthol cig that the
waitress gave me. I'm sure I'd have had much better if I would have finished
the trail :)