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[pct-l] halfway break

For Easy Access for both hiker and significant other, spouse, life-
partner, friend, etc, I'd have to go with Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is super easy to get to.  Flying to Reno is easy, then 
there is a Lake Tahoe shuttle bus that runs several times per day.  
The last time I took that shuttle in 2001, it was $17 per person.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of places to stay in Lake Tahoe, 
and many taxi services if you do not want to rent a car (once you are 
in South Lake Tahoe, there is really no reason to rent a car).  Many 
of the taxi drivers are owner operators and are happy to make special 
trips for the right price.  I have taken Taxi rides to the meeks bay 
trail head (which joins the PCT) twice.  Seems like the Ride was 
quite less than $20, but we gave the driver the fare plus a $20 tip.

For the thru-hiker, South Lake Tahoe will be a haven of well-stocked 
buffets and restaurants.  There are also several sporting goods 
stores and outdoors shops, as well as small department stores and 
specialty stores.  South Lake tahoe now has a population in excess of 
100,000 people (its quite sad), so you can pretty much find whatever 
supplies you need there.

Hope that helps.  If you want some suggestions on where to stay and 
what to do, write me off list.  I lived in lake tahoe for a year 
while ski-bumming.


> Since everyone rightfully praises Etna, a well kept town right out
> of the California Gold Rush with its beautiful mid 1800s Victorian
> homes, why not contact a bed and breakfast there? One could fly to
> Sacramento or San Francisco, rent a car, and be in quaint old Etna
> within 6 hours. She could even pick you up at the pass. Redwood
> National Park is just down road, albeit a very twisty one.
> Then there's Lake Tahoe, not that far from Sacramento or better
> yet Reno. Plenty of places there to stay, but a bit of a different
> culture than that of isolated Etna. Think crowds
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