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[pct-l] Re: hammock people

Just rightful for you......others of us have figured it out...   ;o)

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I never solved that problem easily.

I now leave hammocks to their rightful use! Warm Sunday mornings with
coffee and the paper!

I love my thermarest and tarp!


At 04:36 PM 8/24/03 +0900, McElligott John wrote:
>I have heard that a number of people this year are suing hammocks on 
>PCT. I just finished about 100 + miles using Z Hennessey Hammock. I 
>would like to know how people are keeping their butts warm. Overall, 
>being off the ground is incredibly comfortable and did well in rain. 
>However, despite usuing Oware`s hammock pad, loss of sleep due to cold 
>spot on my bum left me bumed out and  not at my best for hiking.
>Tokio John
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