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[pct-l] poor old Ray

"Katherine Radeka" wrote:
 >I did a small section of the PCT this summer at about 20 miles/day
 >...You know what?  I didn't enjoy it all that much...No time to sit

It's all a matter of attitude. To hike 20 miles a day at the leisurely pace 
of 2mph, you only need to hike 10hrs a day. If you sleep 8 hours, that 
still leaves 6 hours each day to "watch the sun go down over the lake, or 
scramble up that nearby peak, or eat a leisurely breakfast, or talk with 
that interesting couple that I met on the trail." In reality you will 
probably be moving 2.5 to 3mph, so your time walking is 7-8 hours, and you 
have 8 or 9 hours to hang.

BUT, if you can't enjoy the time you take to do those things because you 
are worrying about the miles, THEN you have a problem.