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[pct-l] Re: Oatmeal recipe

If you're going to add to the oatmeal why bother bringing the oatmeal? We 
tried adding cocoa to oatmeal but never again. In 1977 we can upon an apple 
pie (meant for someone else?) in a trail register (does the term finders 
keepers ... apply here?) but we did not consider adding it to our oatmeal. 
BTW, the pie was delicious. Thank you very much. 

Ditto for those who don't like corn pasta; don't bring it.

Bill Berg
Kelty Kid 1977

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>It's pretty simple.
>Take about a half cup of 100% whole oats and add something to it.
>Add a piece of apple pie and you got apple pie oat meal.  Add chocolate
>syrup or straight cocoa and honey to sweeten it and you got chocolate
>But seriously, the first recipe that I ate just about every breakfast for
>months straight at home is to add fruit such as raisons, fresh blueberries,
>bananas; a couple of tablespoons of pecan meal, and sweetener (brown sugar,
>maple syrup, blueberry syrup, etc) cover with water and nuke for 1 minute 
>seconds.  If  you didn't start with enough water, add more and let sit.
>Sometimes I add a tablespoon of peanut butter before cooking.  For a awhile
>I added other grains.  Some people like to add cream.
>Just get creative and remember, since you started with the basic 
>you can always toss it out.  
>Paul Schilke 
>Much like life, solitaire is easiest to play when the cards are taken one 
>a time.