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[pct-l] poor old Ray

A lot of people used to tell me that they hate oatmeal.  But when they try
it my way, they often like it as much as I do.  I haven't tried corn pasta
yet but I bet if you add some parmesan or baby bell mini cheese wheel you'll
like it more.

I also bet there is a way to quicken your pace.  I could bounce some ideas
off of you but that would be pretentious.


Paul Schilke 

Much like life, solitaire is easiest to play when the cards are taken one at
a time.

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> The essence is this; from a PCT thru-hike perspective--can you hike 20+
> a day or 8 miles a day?   I've reduced my pack down to 22 pounds, but I
> can't hike more than 10-12 miles a day.   I could reduce my pack down to
> and I still couldn't do more than 15 trail miles a day.   All the hoo-haw
> about weight doesn't matter beans if you can't walk the walk.
> Going from a 60-pound pack which I carried in my late 30s to the 22-25
> pack I currently carry (in my late 50s) has done two things; one--it's
> me to pursue an activity which I enjoy and be on the fringe of something
> dreamed about (hiking the PCT, etc) AND increase my daily hiking distance
> from 8 miles/day to 12-13 miles/day.   But, even if I could spend 100% of
my time
> in exercise and preparation, I doubt if I could increase my miles/day by
> than 25%, maybe up to 15 miles/day.  Top end.
> The Ray Way provides the thru-hiker athlete--and I stress athlete--a
> methodology to walk the walk.   It also allows the average hiker who wants
to spend a
> week in the wilderness--a 50/60-mile hike--a way to reasonably accomplish
> goal.   However, I think corn pasta really sucks.
> john
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