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[pct-l] Ray Jardine Rules??

Jardine's *SOLO* pack weight is 12.51 lbs.

His shared weight with his wife is 8.44 lbs, her's
is 7.12 lbs.

Read his book, "Beyond Backpacking". Making up the 
facts and unloading them on all of us, benefits
no one.

Stunt? He and his wife did the PCT 3 or 4 times. Their
first hike was with all the heavy crap that is still 
sooooo popular. Why do you think he developed the 
lightweight philosophy?

But then, read the book.

They walked the walk, doing us all a favor in the 

Scott Parks

 While Ray brought many interesting ideas into the thru-hiking circle, few of 
today's hikers follow his teachings to the letter. Most thru-hikers are not 
the " Ounce Nazis" like Ray was with an 8 pound pack. His stunt hikes were more 
to show hikers how far you could push the envelope. Today's thru-hikers 
average more round a 15 lbs. base weight instead of 8lbs. Even Flyin Brain packed 
more than 8 lbs. on his record hike.
    I don't think packing a few extra ounces of sleeping pad will ruin 
anyones hike. Tents today are also as light as many tarps. Check out one of Ron 
Moak's Sixmoon desgn tents or Henry Shires tarp tents which are under 2 pounds. 
    Yes, Ounce Nazis are still out there pushing the limits. Maybe someone 
will hike the PCT with no sleeping pad or tent or tarp some day and a 6 pound 
pack!!! ( We can only hope)

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