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[pct-l] Sleeping Pads and Tent poles


The 'Pro's' you speak of regarding sleeping pads is
right on the money.

For the light-weight/ultra-light hiker the weight 
simply prohibits it as an option. 

As Ray Jardine suggests, you are investing some time in
finding a cozy, soft sleeping spot, right?

How many thru-hikers out there have slept on very cold ground with their 3/4 length, 11oz Z-Rest? I have. Yes,
you need to put something under your feet. Did I get
cold? Nope. Would a full length 18oz ridgerest be more
comfortable? Definitely, ESPECIALLY if you're carrying
'extra insulation'.

Sure, it's only 7oz extra, why not? As we all know, it
adds up. 

Arrows for tent poles? Ooops, that's right you're 
carrying a tent too. Hey, it's only 12oz extra. Etc, ;)

As many people know first hand, you can be incredibly comfortable, vertically and horizontally, with a
lighter pad. 

Someone said, "Count the ounces and the pounds will
fall off."

It's good advice.

Scott Parks

   While we all look for a magic bullet to pack to sleep on, don't sell your 
self short on something that isn't warm enough or comfortable . I like the 
winter weight full length Ridgerest which is purple and green. In the long run , 
you will sleep warmer and better with a full length and the winter weight is 
thicker for more comfort. ( Great for just throwing out on a large rock !) Thin 
pads are fun to pack ,but nothing to write home about in use!!. Early 
snowstorms in the Cascades  on thru-hikers who don't have much " Insultion" left in 
their body's are no fun. I can walk around in a T-shirt in 55 degree weather 
while my thru-hiker friends are digging out shirts and vest. 
   I would even promote the heaver Themarest pads, BUT I HAVE NEVER FOUND ONE 
I TRUST. ( Ever hike with someone and their Theramest as they look for 5 
minutes to find a place to lay out their pad in the desert on a lunch break?) They 
have an uncanly habit of going flat a the wrong time and are not bombproof .  
Never trust your Thermarest. ( Many ultra-lights will scoff at someone using 
a full length pad , but there are two sides to a coin and pro's and con's . 
Ultra-thin 3/4 pads are not a WIN WIN situation)

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